Alliance High School – HPAC Projects Overview

HPAC Projects for this school/program
# Name of Project Description Status Completion Date Notes
1 Mental Health This group was a little stuck on their ideas. They began research, but nothing sparked with them on what to do. We decided to have Hannah Haynie, YSU HPAC focus on ACEs, come in and talk to the group about ideas they could focus on. They decided to spread awareness by putting stickers on water bottles and coffee cups sold at their lobby atrium with tips and hotline numbers surronding mental health. They are also going to have a board with sticky notes attached that also have positive affirmations that student can take. This will be enacted in end of January. Develop
2 CPR Certification for coaches This group would like to certify youth coaches in CPR. They found that most high school coaches are certified, but not youth coaches. They reached out to someone and already have the project organized for Feb. 9th. They are now forming a registration for coaches and making a promotion video. Both Alliance teachers are the CPR teachers for the project. Develop
3 Like a Girl This group wants to help female students in sports to embrace their abilities. They also hope to empower other female students to join the sports they wish to join. They found a video they would like to create as a promotion for their project and survey students before and after they watch it to see their different views in their self-efficacy in sports. Develop
4 Rock Solid This group is also struggling a bit. They do want to focus on helping middle schoolers learn more about core strength exercises which will lead to healthier life styles. They are stuck on the research aspect and lack motivation on ideas for how to develop their project. I gave them tips on what to look up and who to reach out to. So they finally reached out to middle school coach directors and have middle schoolers coming in once a week for 5 weeks starting in January and plan to teach them core strength exercises. Develop
5 Are Your Children Safe? This group wants to educate coaches (mostly youth) about safety in sports. They decided to create a video commercial about importance of athletic trainings. They hope that this will direct coaches into focusing more on the education they need to help students if there is an injury. Develop
6 Destress This group wants to help students destress especially from school. They are having a destress event at Marlington on January 15th. They decided on activities and stress relief experiences they would incorporate. One of those being board games and they are currently writing a proposal to the head of the athletic dept who would help them set up donations for these games. Develop
7 Environmental Issues This group knows that they would like to remove their plastic straws in school cafeterias and add recycling bins. Principal has agreed to this cause so now they need to talk to whoever would be in charge of the cafeteria. Develop
8 Teen Pregnancy awareness This group is planning to educate the health classes about teen pregnancy. They have already talked to the teacher that is fine with them coming in, but they are currently contacting others that have extreme knowledge in the area and can talk to the students. UPDATE: They have Mount Union students that have studied more into the topic that will be coming in to present to the class. Develop
9 Project Unbreakable This group is focused on suicide awareness. They have the culinary classes making chocoalte pretzels to raise money for donations. The pretzels will have a small note attached giving out the suicide hotline number or positive affirmations. Also made a poster with resources and are planning to receive bracelets with the suicide hotline number. They will be having community members sign the “stand against stigma” pledge. Project is enacting January 28- February 1st. Develop
10 Homelessness This group would like to hold different donation times throughout the year to help with the needy and homeless. They have gained permission for this to occur at different concerts. They also plan to have a community day where students can make blankets for those that need them. Develop
11 Childhood Obesity This group has some big ideas of developing a color run to help with childhood obesity. They have gained permission from the principal to hold the color run at the school. They also plan to have fitness days throughout the year. But the color run will be held at end of April to beginning of May. Develop

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