Alliance High School – HPAC Projects

Name of Project Description Status Completion Date Notes
1 Suicide prevention This group was a little stuck on their ideas. They began research, but nothing sparked with them on what to do. We decided to have Hannah Haynie, YSU HPAC focus on ACEs, come in and talk to the group about ideas they could focus on. Develop
2 CPR Certification for coaches This group would like to certify youth coaches in CPR. They found that most high school coaches are certified, but not youth coaches. They reached out to someone and already have the project organized for Feb. 9th. They are now forming a registration for coaches and making a promotion video. Both Alliance teachers are the CPR teachers for the project. Develop
3 Female Empowerment This group wants to help female students in sports to embrace their abilities. They also hope to empower other female students to join the sports they wish to join. They found a video they would like to create as a promotion for their project and survey students before and after they watch it to see their different views in their self-efficacy in sports. Develop
4 Core strength for youth This group is also struggling a bit. They do want to focus on helping middle schoolers learn more about core strength exercises which will lead to healthier life styles. They are stuck on the research aspect and lack motivation on ideas for how to develop their project. I gave them tips on what to look up and who to reach out to. Develop
5 Making coaches aware of children sport accidents This group wants to educate coaches (mostly youth) about safety in sports. They found their research, but are not sure who to reach out to. I advised them to talk to their teacher or anyone in the athletics department that might know someone who could help them hold a session on such an activity. Develop
6 Destress This group wants to help students destress especially from school. They are having a destress event at Marlington in the second week of January. They decided on activities and stress relief experiences they would incorporate. One of those being board games and they are currently writing a proposal to the head of the athletic dept who would help them set up donations for these games. Develop
7 Environmental Issues This group knows that they would like to replace their plastic straws in school cafeterias with reusable straws. They are currently talking to the prinipal on the idea and are pitching the idea to him soon since he would be the final person to decide if this would be efficient.  Develop
8 Teen Pregnancy awareness This group is planning to educate the health classes about teen pregnancy. They have already talked to the teacher that is fine with them coming in, but they are currently contacting others that have extreme knowledge in the area and can talk to the students. Develop
9 Suicide awareness  This group is having the same situation as the suicide prevention group. Also just brought Hannah Haynie in to talk to this group.  Develop
10 Homelessness This group would like to hold different donation times throughout the year to help with the needy and homeless. They are trying to gain permission from the principal to make sure they could hold these donations at the school.  Develop
11 Childhood Obesity This group has some big ideas of developing a color run to help with childhood obesity. Right now they are trying to contact the correct people at Mount Union to gain possible areas to hold this color run. Also, they will now be working on reaching out for donations for the supplies they would need.  Develop

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