Alliance High School HPAC News & Updates

Check out the community health issues that our HPAC TEAMS are tackling this year!

Secure your financial security…NO TEEN Pregnancies
This group is planning to educate the health classes about teen pregnancy. They have already talked to the teacher that[...]
No MORE Plastic Straws!
This group knows that they would like to replace their plastic straws in school cafeterias with reusable straws. They are[...]
Youth Sports and CPR – Let’s get ready to Certify!
This group would like to certify youth coaches in CPR. They found that most high school coaches are certified, but[...]
SPORTS MATTER – Here come My Sporty Girls!
This group wants to help female students in sports to embrace their abilities. They also hope to empower other female[...]
Don’t STRESS – We got your back!
This group wants to help students destress especially from school. They are having a destress event at Marlington in the[...]
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