Canton South High School – HPAC Projects Updates

HPAC Projects for this school/program
# Name of Project Description Status Completion Date Notes
1 make your bed improve mental health
2 therapy dogs and how to adopt animals
3 vaping
4 build a recreation center
5 adolescent onsent ADD ADHD how to identify symptoms and coping mechanisms to use until you can access medication
6 post injury depression, encouraging injured athletes to track moods and seek mental health care if needed
7 reduce stigma of rare mental health disorders including Boarderline Personality disorder, schitzophrenia, multiple personality disorder
8 Reduce injury in athletes–presentation to swim team on importance of stretching and facilitating discussion on how they can work together to improve stretching routine
9 improve engagement of students with disabilities in the student body, facilitate discussion on language around intelectual disability
10 technology related injury (carple tunnel, eye damage, strain on neck)
11 stress and anxiety awareness
12 sex trafficking
Number Completed: 0 F35

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