AmeriCorps CRUSH Weekly Reflections

Motivating students this winter

One strategy that I would use with my students is to incorporate a holiday or winter related theme to keep the students attentive and productive. Perhaps conducting a SOLE session with a question such as “Is Winter Weather a barrier to health care?” or “Does climate change impact health?” or “How does cold weather affect your health?” I might also try a holiday related STEM activity with my students, such as Gumdrop Christmas Trees. Just a few supplies, red and green gumdrops and toothpicks! May the best HPAC Scholar win bragging rights!

Weekly Reflections – Week 12 – from Emily Smith

For Marietta College, connecting with Relay for life and bringing them to campus has been awesome. Though it is a massive project to tackle, our students are extremely excited for the project. At Warren Local high school, the students are also have success with reaching out to their community resources. They are extremely connected with …

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