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Portage Career Center HPAC IDEAS Snapshot – 12.12.18

# Name of Project Description Status Completion Date Notes 1 school safety education highway patrol 2 drug addiction kelley ross dec 3 3 suicide adm board call Tuesday 4 human trafficking summit county sheriffs office call back 5 STD prevention website creation akron general 6 medication abuse kelley ross dec 3 7 8 9 10 […]

Norton High School – HPAC IDEAS Snapshot – 12.12.18

HPAC Projects for this school/program      #Name of ProjectDescriptionStatusCompletion DateNotes1     2nicotine awareness    3suicide    school pyschologist4children with cancer    childrens.    Check for more grants greta 5anxiety   school pyschologist6friedreich ataxia (s)   fara jamie young 7drug overdose   next Tuesday norton police8poverty    united way ondray campbell9drug related crime   norton police next Tuesday 10suicide     11nutrition    12foster children   summi county children services 13     14     15        Number Completed:0  Norton High School AmeriCorps ​HPAC Leadership TEAM