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I’m one of just 1000 people in the world with Diamond Blackfan Anemia. This is when bone marrow produces insufficient red blood cells for the body’s needs, as a result, I used to have a blood transfusion every couple of weeks. I’m alive because people like YOU donated blood, for 19 years I depended on others for this life-giving support, thank you!

On July 25, 2013 I had a marrow transplant ~ ONE marrow donor matched me, an international donor helped change my life. I am not yet one year out of marrow transplant, however, I am am to live without transfusions for the first time in my life!

The donation of one pint of blood from one adult will save up to three lives. You can help by donating blood at your local blood donation center. Make sure to tell them that you’re donating in honor of the children in your community, find the blood donation center that supplies this need to your local pediatric hospital.