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Top 2 Image Editor Tools to Creating Powerful Images 

Images are powerful so when constructing effective media content, such as blog posts, Instragram posts, tweets, videos, flyers, posters, etc., it’s important to remember the power of the image you create.  During the Design and Develop phase of your HPAC IDEAS project, you will be asked to design and upload specific sized images.

What to use when you want to tweak an image or create a custom featured image or social media image? Here are two free image editors that can help you create your HPAC TEAM images throughout the year.  


Canva is perhaps the most user friendly image editor anywhere. It’s super easy to create images for various purposes and you can even use pre-defined templates for Twitter cover images, Facebook ad images and many more. Check out this video we made about it.


PicMonkey is an online image editing tool that is a bit more advanced than Canva. On the flip side, it also has more of a learning curve and is a bit more time consuming to use but it is a perfect tool if you want to modify stock photos to use on your website. I

In the following video you can see how to do this with PicMonkey:

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