What’s the Force for Health?

It’s all about making one healthy decision at a time, leading to a lifetime of feeling good and being healthy.

What Does it Mean to be a Force for Health Member?

It means you will try to take responsibility to make good decisions for yourself, and eventually, help others to do the same. You can make a difference in the quality of your life and improve the health and experience of others. As a member, you can acquire the knowledge, skills, and resources to make healthy decisions. Together, we can be an energy, a team, a true force to support a person, a family, an organization, and the community.

Our Approach


Work to understand your health challenges and risks, and seek the knowledge you need to make a great decision.

On the Home Page, you will have access to series of assessments, apps, posters, links, tutors, and other courses for your learning. Don’t be overwhelmed. Try to learn the core concepts with each activity, and in time, you will master complex topics.

As you learn more, there will be the opportunity to become expert at areas and achieve levels of health literacy, that can allow you to stay healthy, participate in your own care, or become a Force for Health Ambassador and teach others. 


Take what you have learned, and apply it to your life. One healthy decision at a time. Do the best you can to stay healthy and be fit, eat well, have fun, and enjoy life.

On the home page, you will learn about and have access to tools to take assessments, create goals, make a wellness plan and track your progress towards achieving them.


​Share what you have learned with others, staring by being a role model. Utilize your skills with the help of media tools, music, social sharing, and events to be an advocate to inform and encourage others. Use your actions to help fix the things in your community that make it harder to make healthy decisions.

On the home page, you will see some opportunities and tools to share your Force for Health experiences with others.


The positive feelings one gets with helping themselves and others is a great reward. Additional rewards with points, badges, coupons, and other incentives will be available to you as a member. 

On your home page, you will see your points, and rewards and learn how to earn more.


You don’t always have to be the leader, but rather, one can find a cause that you believe in and support that effort. 

On your home page, there are tools the Force for Health membership provides that let you use your learning, living, and sharing to help raise awareness for and money for causes.  

Membership Levels

Each containing unique Learn it, Live it, Share it bundles…

Learn it 

  • Access to “What is Learn It, Live It, Share It?” course 
  • Basic challenge about your healthy choices
  • Basic health courses and resources

Live it

  • Set a goal to get fit
  • Make a wellness plan 
  • Start tracking your progress with a walking report

Share it

  • Be a role model
  • Share a social media post about Force for Health
  • Access to blog posts

  • Discover how much do you really know about your body
  • Advanced learning on topics such as tobacco, anatomy and physiology, fitness, nutrition, etc.
  • Pipeline to professional courses
  • Access to more in-depth health risk assessment
  • Access to home health and neighborhood surveys
  • Access to HPAC content
  • Opportunity to do your own project
  • Make a TEAM or Club and work together
  • Do an IDEA 
  • Advanced service project

How Can I Get Access to the Resources?

To receive all of the benefits that a Force for Health membership offers, individuals must sign up by pledging to be a Force for Health. 


As a member of the Force for Health,


I pledge to strive to make the healthiest decisions for myself and will help others do the same!

Who Makes This Program?

The program was created by a multidisciplinary team at MyHealthyGlobe.com and the Force for Health Foundation. As you begin to do your Share it activities, some of you will create content that if it passes review, will allow the program to be improved by people such as yourself.  The core tools used to create the program were provided by the Force for Health Community Health Platform.

The goal is to have a collaborative community where we all support each other in advancing our own knowledge, skills, and resources. As you perform Share it activities, posts, songs, and events, these resources may eventually be used as Learn its opportunities for others. 

What Does the Logo Stand For?

1. Support each other

The person in the center represents an every day individual, who is best supported by being surrounding by friends and family, community organizations, community infrastructure, and information, insights, and policy. These are represented respectively as the circles in the logo. This is called the socio-ecologic model by public health experts.

2. Take care of the basics

The person needs to stand on a solid foundation and not be distracted by the basics of life, such as shelter, food, transportation, and safety. These are called the social determinants of health.

3. Become a Force for Health Ambassador

The person in the image could represent a student, patient, senior, or child. The goal of the Force for Health program is to advance the persons capability so that they an advance and support their family and friends, community organizations, and policies. Knowing this, the person in the center can now be seen as an individual on a stage addressing and motivating an audience to lead healthy lives.


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