Force for Health Schools


 SCHOOLS  are a Force for Health and can influence, motivate, and empower youth to make a difference.
  • K16 in school and after school, University, and Home school users
  • Create a culture of wellness for Students, Parents, and Staff.
  • Have a school community with a Learn it, Live it, and Share it approach to help the person and the community.
  • Advance a culture of caring and kindness, project based learning, teamwork and leadership, 21st century job skills, and service learning with projects that can be tied into STEM, academics, ESL or other goals.
  • Engaging students, staff, parents, and local community

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How do schools use this program?
The school site is a place where nearly every day students are coming and interacting with professionals of all sorts.  Each of these can provide guidance and instruction or support for making this place a culture of support for health and wellness.
When a school joins, it has access a wealth of resources where it can dovetail the Force with its leadership, academic, service learning and school culture initiatives.  It is also relevant to staff for their own personal maintaining or regaining or advancing health and fitness. This can be done with professional development workshops or on an individual basis.
What can we do with the tools and program?

  • Membership can be used on several different levels.
  • Join and become a School Member
  • Attend an online webinar to guide you through getting started or arrange for a professional development workshop
  • Register your school in the Portal listing resources it may have in the community and be sure your members learn how to use the portal to find resources it may need.
  • Use the online Academy for personalized learning.
  • Build your own courses with our tools for your group on any topic and share those that are relevant with the appropriate community.
  • Engage in use of one of the apps for learning, walking, fund raising, or earning
  • Create a club or team to reach out into the community with its own project based service learning project
  • Use the program to advance workforce development.

Getting Started:
Attend a webinar
Use the Academy and learn how others are using the materials and use the tools there to get you started.
Ask us about a professional development workshop, student leadership workshop or all school assembly.