SERVE:  Places that serve others with their charitable mission or government service, as perfect Force for Health partners.

  • Enhance your mission with our tools to promote your existing  programs and services that help communities and provide healthy choices.
  • Assist others as they do their role to advance the health of those you serve.
  • Apply for grants or come up with funding to make yours an integrated community advancing a true culture of wellness.
  • Help prioritize your government spending to reduce the social determinants of health.
  • ​What you do or make may be able to be a good incentive for others…..donate it to the local Force for Health collaborative team to use.

PLAY: Places where we play….parks, fields, lakes, forest, gyms, clubs are all areas where Force for Health Partnership can enhance use of facilities and leverage the reach of the programs.

  • After school program clubs focus on themes that help self and community while having fun
  • Existing groups can become members and use the Force for Health materials and approach to dovetail with their own programs, such as scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, 4H, Moose, Elk, or Lions.
  • Increased, safer, and more engaging use of play facilities is a major outcome.
  • Have your site be one of those enabled within certain apps and programs.

Learn more… ask us to contact you.