Norton High School – HPAC Projects Update

HPAC Projects for this school/program
# Name of Project Description Status Completion Date Notes
2 nicotine awareness They are wanting to get into the local middle school and present to middle school students the harm of nicotine (jules) and give them pamplets and flyers on thje subject.
3 suicide school pyschologist
4 children with cancer childrens. Check for more grants greta
5 anxiety school pyschologist
6 friedreich ataxia (s) Wanted to educate people about the disease and raise money for the fara organization contacting fara fara jamie young
7 drug overdose next Tuesday norton police
8 poverty united way ondray campbell
9 drug related crime norton police next Tuesday
10 suicide
11 nutrition
12 foster children They wanted to maybe get some foster children some pajamas and have a movie night with them.

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