Southern Local High School – HPAC Projects Overview

HPAC Projects for this school/program
# Name of Project Description Status Completion Date Notes
1 Eye issues beginning in the youth This student is focused on gaining a career in Opthamology, therefore, his project is surronding the need for eye care in his community. He noticed that much of the elementary is in need of glasses or that is when they start becoming in need for glasses. He is planning to connect the school with a local opthamology center that is willing to give free eye exams to Elementary students. Development
2 Autoimmune Disorders This student has faced many family members facing autoimmune disorders. She plans to research and interview different immunologists to gain an understanding and the need for more care of these disorders in Columbiana County. She plans to present her research to the district show case, and other events. Development
3 Asthma Epipen/Inhaler Training This student is facing asthma and wants people to be aware of the way to help others that might be going through an asthma attack. She is focused on using epipen and inhaler trainings for seniors at Southern Local. Development
4 Mental Health Awareness This student has a family member that is also a victim of mental illness, therefore, she wants to help fight the stigma. She plans to do this by placing four different mirrors in the hallways of freshman-seniors. She will present the need to fight the stigma of mental illness to fellow students, and after she would have them write on a post it. On the post it they would write positive affirmations that they would want to be told themselves. Then they will place the post it on the mirrors int he hall ways for the rest of their students to be aware of. Also, she plans to write one positive saying on the bathroom mirrors that would empower anyone that comes into the restroom. Development

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