Step 3 IDEAS Submittal – What is your “E”?

STEP 3 – What is the “E” in your IDEAS Project???

We are excited to hear about your IDEAS Project!By now, your HPAC TEAM has picked an Issue, and Starting Developing and Designing a Plan. Now, it’s time to plan on executing that plan and engaging your target populations.Tell us how you plan to do this here! 

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Step 3 - Developing your "E" in your IDEAS Project

How do you plan to execute your plan and engage the community with your impact campaign on the population health issue that you have chosen for your HPAC IDEAS project.
Please provide a brief description of the people you are trying to help. Include specific demographics, such as age, gender, races, socioeconomic levels, geographic levels, risk factors, and any other identifying factors about your target population
Please provide 3-5 components of your plan.
Please provide 3-5 points on how you will measure success (e.g. - Total # of attendees at event, # of quiz takers, # of volunteers, $ raised, # of policy makers involved, etc.
Please provide 3-5 points on why your HPAC TEAM decided to pick this issue
Please provide 3-5 organizations that can help you achieve your goals
Please make sure the dimensions are (600 x 300px).
Please list 3-5 key words for your topic here, separated by commas. (e.g. - For Obesity Prevention, some key words would be "obesity prevention", "health education" and "childhood obesity"
This is optional, but please let us know how we can help you be successful this year. If you need help, please don't hesitate to let us know!