Weekly Reflections – Week 12 – from Tyler Poulakos

Poulakos Week 12 Blog Post

What are my successes and frustration with connecting with community resources? I think the hardest part of community resources is simply finding the resources available. We have been working with the students to identify the current resources in their community. We have a neonatal/teen pregnancy group at Choffin that is exploring the community resources for teen moms. They are so surprised by the available resources we have In Youngstown and want to explore this in their project. They are compiling resources to report on that help teen mothers. Sometimes, there are so many resources that it’s difficult to choose which to use. Take human trafficking for example. There is a bunch of resources that are available but determining with is the best is hard. We are working with the students to figure out which are the best to use. Alliance is doing a great job finding resource! It’s shocking the information and support they find. I think mostly it’s the immense support they get from the teachers. This site is definitely an extremely impressive site and there capabilities are amazing. With Warren, we did a needs assessments last week in order to identify problems and resources in Warren. I think everything is going good with the resources and the students are doing a good job finding them.

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