Windham High School – HPAC Project Updates

HPAC Projects for this school/program
# Name of Project Description Status Completion Date Notes
1 Tutoring Middle Schoolers Focus is on stress in students and they plan to combat this issue by helping fellow students in academics with tutoring. These are eighth graders and are on high academics. They plan to tutor 5th-7th graders in Reading and Math. Have been granted permission by teachers and principals. Will tutor during lunch and currently researching their topic. Development
2 Self Empowerment Eigth graders that plan to focus on how to help self esteem in middle school. Talking to 7th and 8th graders during a single period to talk about the issue and will talk about ways to combat the issue through self empowering affirmations by activities. Activities so far include an acronym game with a persons name where each letter will stand for a positive aspect on the person, and they are getting a mirror that allows them to reflect on themselves and put post its with positive sayings to empower others. Other ideas are coming along with research. Development
3 Helping Depressed patients in nursing homes Fifth graders have focused on helping the elderly patients in nursing homes by joining them for some activities and a possible movie. Activity ideas right now include leaf rubbing, making bracelets, and making cards. Learning about how to research and getting permission currently from principal on transportation from school. Development
4 Cleaning up the local community Fifth graders have noticed that their local community is lacking in its appearance. Therefore, they have decided they want to plant flowers at different locations in Windham to help beautify the community. They will first help the other fifth grade group by helping patients in retirement homes by making a small flower pot with them so that they could have it for their rooms that lack in decor. Then during spring, they will try to plant flowers at different locations like the school, outside the retirement homes, and possible other areas Development
5 Stress Relief drum circle This group has been organizing their event for three years now and will be enacting this year. The student has found that a way to relieve stress is through a drum circle. Therefore, this group is getting donations from local organizations to gain donated drums and use them for an event in the spring. Student plans to enact during a week like Finals or when testing is heavy. Currently finding updated research, creating a flyer to find number of students interested, and finding numbers of local organizations that could donate. Development
6 Stress Relief with Activities for middle school This group found that stress in school is beginning around 6th grade. Therefore, they would like to do stress relief activities with fellow middle schoolers around the area. They plan to work with the 6th grade classes and an event day at the library. They are also finishing up their research. Development
7 Stretch out the stress! This senior has researched that stress can be relieved from students through the use of yoga. She is planning a day where she can facilitate a yoga, stress-relief period for students with the help of a yoga teacher. She is waiting to hear back from a volunteer instructor, but is wokring on her lesson about the ebenfits of yoga to releve stress. Development
8 Creative Writing This senior has noticed a lack of creativity in students, therefore, he is helping teach the use of creative writing to students. He has now just begun teaching classes to students, hoping to measure their creativity by the end of his sessions. Enacting
9 Femal Empowerment This senior has gained an idea based off a video known as “fight like a girl” where it shows the lack of empowerment between young and teen females. Her goal is to recreate this video with students of Windham to empower them and show the need that we need to think of females as heros like young females do. Development
10 Hydroponics This senior is using a hydroponic system to help combat the food desert that his community is currently facing. His community only has one store, therefore, they are lacking nutrition needs in their area. He is currently finalizing the set up of the system and has gained all his donated items. Development
11 Parent interaction with movie This senior has just finished a project focusing on the need for parent interaction with children. He has done this by forming a Christmas movie night at a local organization and included popcorn and hot chocolate. He measured his success by number of tickets gathered/number of people that were present. 16/20 kids that he had hoped for showed. However. there were roughly 30 people there total and he had the best turn out yet in comparison to similiar past events, especiall considering bad weather the night of the event. Assessment
12 Dinner for the needy Renaissance dinners have been huge events happening at Windham. This senior has been helping facilitate the dinners to help the needy that comes in for a meal. He will be helping out with a dinner in January to asses what he needs to do at his in February. He has secured a budget of $100 from the coordinator of the exisitng dinners. Enacting

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