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How can we help our employees make healthy decisions each day? A non-optimal quality of life due to health restrictions inhibits productivity and job satisfaction. With a Force For Health Club, employers can give their employees the space to learn how to make decisions that will benefit their own health and learn how to then share that knowledge with others.

Force For Health (FFH) clubs can benefit employees and a workplace in countless ways. FFH clubs provide:

  • Strengthened relationships between organization and community partners
  • Promotion of health and well-being to help employees maximize productivity at work
  • Increased focus on preventative care to possibly reduce health insurance premiums

While the importance of health and well-being of the individual is acknowledged in many organizations, there is a gap between the knowledge and skills employees need to take responsibility for their own well-being and what employers are able to provide.

In an effort to close this gap, we have developed a template to establish a Force For Health club in your workplace. The club will act as a liaison between the national, non-profit Force For Health organization and your workplace. Involvement in Force For Health activities will enable your organization to learn skills needed to make healthy choices, to live the type of lifestyle that meets its health goals, and share its knowledge and experiences to help others.

Force For Health clubs look different all over, but share the goal of allowing members to learn, live, and share their knowledge. We have provided material that may be useful in the creation of a Force For Health club, as well as a compilation of further resources that may be of use.  

We urge you to consider the establishment of a Force For Health Club (FFHC) in your organization. The cost of an FFHC are determined by the resources available in your organization, but effective clubs need not require more than time and enthusiasm from members and club leadership. The benefits of enabling your employees to make conscious decisions to improve the well-being of themselves, their loved ones, and their communities at large. We can all do something to take better care of ourselves and those we care about; let a Force For Health Club be a starting point for your employees to take that journey.

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