Citizenship Health Initiatives

Vision & Mission

To strengthen and restore community value through knowing, respecting and acting upon the four pillars of Health Citizenship with the end goal of building increased happiness and better health with and for the collective.


What is Citizenship Health?

Why do we believe Citizenship Health Important? 

Citizenship Health as a Solution

Enacting Citizenship Health in our Community Today

Four Pillars of Citizenship Health

The Eco-System Matters Everyday

Build & Value Contextual Existing Assets 

It is about Equity Not Just Equality

Personal Responsibility & Accountability

It is our responsibility to make the world a better place

Citizenship Health is about knowing that, at the end of the day, no matter who you are, or what you do, your actions matter to all of us. Understanding that not one doctor, one teacher, or one donor can alone change our world. Each of our actions builds the health of ourselves as well as others.

Gina Weisblat  // Founder and Program Creator

Would you like to get involved in Citizenship Health Projects in your Community?