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What is a
Community Health Worker?

"The Community Health Workers (CHWs) program represents a development opportunity in a growing career path that now spans beyond the traditional health professional options, creating unique choices for those looking to make a living by helping citizens live healthier lives.  We are thrilled to partner with the Force for Health Academy to bring this curriculum to the public in early 2019." 

-Dr. Gina Weisblat,
CHW Program
Creator & Innovator





Pre-Med Student Pathways, Learning Experiences and Development Opportunities

Citizenship Health Institute Partners up with The Force for Health® Academy
to launch CHW courses starting in 2019

“The Community Health Worker, or CHW, is special career opportunity to become “the trusted person in the community, caring for a citizen that needs assistance”.  This is how it was explained to me by an Eskimo leader in Alaska and then later by Dr. Paul Farmer as he described his work in Africa.
 In America, it is becoming a destination on a career pathway towards health care and is a respected professional, paid by hospitals, communities and insurance companies to help in the care of their clients. I have seen first hand how these trained neighbors, save lives, reduce the need for admissions to hospitals and improve the overall quality of life. ” 

Dr. Robert Gillio, Force for Health and Community Health Worker Program, Chief Medical Director

The Community Health Worker curriculum is coming this year...
CHW’s will be able to JOIN the Force for Health® Academy
 and work on their own health issues,
as they learn how to help others with TEAMS or HPAC’s and eventually as CHW’s.

Full Access to
Force for Health Courses

CHW’s will be able to JOIN the Force for Health with full access to more than a dozen digital media making platforms, which will help them work on their own health issues first, as they learn how to help others with TEAMS or HPAC’s and eventually  as CHW’s.

Full Access
to VIVA Library

CHW’s will have access to training tools such as the VIVA videos to help them learn more about the human anatomy.  CHW's will learn how to create, distribute & analyze population health related issues through multi-media based  outreach strategies for greater impact

Full Access to Zoom & other tech & digital media tools

CHW's will have the use of ZOOM telemeeting technology to have face to face meetings with health care professionals or other social service workers as they help their clients regain or retain their health.  

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