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"I'm dedicated to making the world a better place. For over thirty years, I have focused my work around educating citizens about the Social Determinants of Health and creating a better community for all through community engagement and equity-based citizenship. When every citizen has access to the tools necessary to own their health, engage in their communities, and make a difference, then true health equity will exist. The Citizenship Health Institute is an ideal platform to continue to grow this mission through outreach, research and impact reports. My team and I are excited to be launching this next phase into flight."

Dr. Gina Weisblat, PhD. - Citizenship Health Institute, founder

Here are some links to recent research, articles and publications

Citizenship Health – Addressing the social determinants to build a Culture of Health
Students Support Community Health on their Way to Health Professions
An Exemplar in Mentoring and Professional Development: Teaching Graduate Students Transferable Skills Beyond the Discipline

Through The Lens of the Students: Using Narrative Inquiry to Evaluate an Innovative Urban High School

Why SOLE: A Grounded Research Approach

Get that Grant: Your Guide to Planning Successful K-12 Grant Proposal

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