The Force for Health

The Force for Health Overview

Our Collaboration and Vision with the Citizenship Health Institute

A word from the Force for Health Founder

Dr. Robert Gillio, MD

“The Force for Health program is also about improving their communities and learning about health professions, but likes to have a person start with themselves to improve their own health and health literacy.  

 Dr. Gillio, the founder was highly influenced in creating this with his team, based on his work in disaster areas watching teenagers step up for themselves and others, and after attending an HPAC Scholars Day 2 years ago and meeting Dr. Gina Weisblat and her team, which lead to this collaboration between the Institute and the Force for Health Academy. All active Citizenship Health Institute participants will have FREE Level 1 access to resources, courses, training and webinars that are designed to develop healthier citizens everywhere.  

For more information, please visit The Force for Health here.

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